Cody Inspires

Eight years ago I devised a plan to write and sell ebooks. My goal is to become a millionaire before I get out.

In 2014, I published my first ebook called, “Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary”.

Together, my beautiful wife and I have built everything (blogs, websites, Facebook, twitter, etc.). We have no professional training. All we have is a vision. A dream. And the will to succeed.

After my book was published, Suzie and I created two dozen different pitches. Then we sent them to the Top 15 Bloggers, media, TV, twitter-holics, and more. The concept was simple: to get major blog sites to blog about my book. That alone has the potential to reach over 100 million people!

Up to now, we’ve yet to hear back from anyone. Except CNN. They said they’d consider doing a story about prison another time. Hey, at least it was a reply.

Then just recently, I got an email from my old buddy Cody. He wants to help! But he has a few conditions. First he wants me to read at least 3 books. And he’ll send them.


Second, he wants me to build a subscriber base of 10,000 to 20,000 on my blogs.

He also wants me to create an ACTION PLAN and then send him a proposal based on what I’ve learned.

Cody is a smart successful man. I trust him 1000%. Whatever he says, I’ll do.

And all of you (my readers) can follow along and track the progress of Stone City Publishing. I will blog every aspect of this journey. Along the way, I will seek help from this virtual community. Starting now.

Will you please send me a shout-out on Facebook and social media asking your peeps to follow my blogs?

Thank You!


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