ProBlogger Chapter 2: What I Learned

Chapter 2 has taught me that personal blogs can be fun and a great place to learn about blogging. However, they don’t always make good business sense.

So we will see. I’ll run this personal blog approach for a couple of years and see what comes of it.

I have also learned to target a defined niche. That’s why I have created 3 new blog sites. Each one has its own specific niche:

Prison Violence – The name says it all.

Real Love Letters – Romance and love from behind bars.

Making Millions In Prison – The journey to success.

Now I need to figure out the most effective way to set up and operate my growing mini network of blogs. I’ll keep reading books. I’ll keep learning. I’ll figure it out.

Chapter 2 has taught me that I can be a credible, trusted source of info when it comes to all things prison-related.

It is important for me to interact with my readers. I want to be the “go to” person when someone is seeking specific answers or knowledge regarding anything prison related.

I understand my niche well. Now I want to attract an audience around it. In due time, this will allow me to create and sell my ebooks, and the ebooks of other inmate authors.

The journey continues… one small step at a time.

I’ll never give up! I will succeed!

Any comments or questions?


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