ProBlogger Chapter 3: What I Learned

Chapter 3 is all about “setting up your blog.”

My wife, Suzie, and I are beyond this stage. However, there is a lot to be learned in this chapter.

I must be honest, I was very confused while reading this chapter. I’ve never worked a computer before. I’ve never been on a blog site.

I simply have a vision. And that is to Make Millions In Prison.

How? By blogging and selling ebooks.

I’ll learn as I go. By reading books and doing what they say.

Chapter 3 taught me about the two main blogging platforms: “self-hosted blogs” and “hosted blogs.”

Suzie and I are using a “hosted blog platform.” They’re free, easy to set up, and simple to run.

As time goes on, you’ll see our mini network of blogs grow. So the most important thing that I read in this chapter, talked about running several blogs off of one domain. It even gave a site to check out:

Reaching my goals will take a lot of time and patients. The learning curve is huge! But I’m up for the challenge. And so is my amazing wife. Without her, none of this would be possible.

Together we will learn.

Together we will succeed.



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