ProBlogger Chapter 4: What I Learned

For my blog to be successful, my content needs to be useful and unique. I feel it is. But that doesn’t count. What counts is the opinions of my readers.

Tell me what you want. I will give it to you. My goal is to give you something useful and unique. Give me questions and feedback. This will help me develop useful content.


First impressions are important. That’s why titles are important. A good title attracts attention.

In most search engines, readers will “click” on a result based on a good title. This is the key to getting search engine traffic.

Hmmm. Maybe I should change this title to “Learning How To Make Millions”?

You should use a variety of titles. This will increase the odds of grabbing attention in search engines. It’ll also grab the attention of those following blogs via RSS feeds.

The same principal is true in social bookmarking sites like and Book marking sites have the potential to send thousands to my blogs based on titles. Good to know!

Short titles are good for search engines. To ensure the whole title appears, I must keep it under 40 characters.

Good titles will make my posts stand out from the clutter. It’s all about standing out!

Titles are a powerful part of SEO. They should contain key words that people search for. Words at the start of titles are most powerful when dealing with SEO. is a great place to learn about crafting titles.


Online readers have a short attention span. The average blog readers stay for 96 seconds! That means keeping content down to a level that is readable in short grabs. I can do that.

A post should range between 250-1000 words.


There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to posting frequency.

My posting schedule is as follows:


MON – Steven Dale Jennings

TUES – Making Millions In Prison

WED – Prison Violence

THUR – Real Love Letters


This is my one-per-week blogging minimum for my own blogs. My goal is to establish a rhythm and find what works. Anticipation and momentum with readers is what helps to grow a blog.

Any suggestions on how often I should post? Your feedback is very valuable. Thank you.

(My blog posts are somewhat delayed due to my situation. I write in my cell with a pen & paper, the I send them to Suzie vis USPS)

As my blog sites develop, I will experiment with different frequency posting patterns. Over time I will find a rhythm that suits me and my readers.

The next section in Chapter 4 deals with keeping posts granular. How fitting. I’ll do just that by concluding this post.

Peace out and love your family.

-Steven Jennings


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