Granular Posts

Most successful blogs have a structural hierarchy. This structure is similar to that of a book, which is: niche topic, categories, and posts (books have: a topic, chapters, and sections).

This hierarchy is important for the following reasons:

Readability – Some readers may not be interested in the entire niche topic. By having categories, readers can find and follow the elements of a topic they are interested in.

Easy & Concise – Blog readers have short attention spans. Granular posts are shorter and go directly to the point.

SEO – Search engines can easily identify what the post is about. This helps with accurate ranking for that topic. Search engines like information that is clustered together and linked to likewise info. This is why niche blogs work well in search engines. Category pages also rank well in search engines. This is important for getting the whole site indexed.

Contextually Ad Relevancy – Having one topic per post will help ad systems like AdSense identify topics. In return, AdSense will be able to serve relevant ads for that topic.

In conclusion, granularity is just one way to keep a blog simple. It’ll benefit me and my readers.

Easy does it!


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