14 Ways To Add Variety & Character To A Blog

In order to keep readers over the long haul, I must become multi-dimensional in terms of content.

Below I’ve listed 14 ways to add variety and character to my blogs.

1) Instructional – People search the web for remedies. Therefore it’s important to post tips or tell people how to do something. If I position my blogs to answer questions or solve problems that could build a nice source of traffic over the years.

2) InformationalWikipedia. Need I say more?

3) Reviews – Reviews come in all shapes and sizes. For example: Nutella. I love it! And only 12g of fat per serving. Goes great on Graham Crackers. Reviews can be highly powerful posts with great longevity.

4) Lists – Posts with content like “13 Ways To…” “6 Reasons Why…” “7 Sex Tips For…” etc., are usually very popular with readers. They are also very successful at getting links from other bloggers.

Shall I try one? Check out my post, “6 Ways To Get Your Ass Kicked In Prison

5) Interviews – Sometimes it might be a good idea to let someone else do the talking. This is a great way to give readers an added perspective.

6) Profiles – Present individuals to my readers. Point out their characteristics and circumstances.

7) Link Posts – Link up to a quality post on another site. Explain why I’m linking up to this particular post. Add a comment of my own. These links are powerful because they add content to my blog, and they get me noticed by other bloggers and their readers.

8) Rants – Rants are great for starting discussions and causing a little controversy. Rant posts lead to a flaming in comment threads. People tend to say things in the heat of the moment. Be respectful and proceed with caution.

9) Inspirational – The internet is full of negativity. Believe it or not, people like to hear good-news stories. It just might motivate them to persist with something good of their own. I love to write inspirational pieces. I will definitely share examples of success and self-growth.

10) Research – So far all these posts are a result of my research. I’m reading “ProBlogger” and sharing my learnings. I’ll present my findings throughout my network or blogs.

11) Collation Posts – This is something my wife can do. These are a combo of research and link posts. Simply choose a topic then research what others have said about it. Tie everything together with links and a few comments of your own. Highlight the common themes that you see. These posts will help build relationships with other bloggers and their readers.

12) Hypothetical Posts – “What if” or hypothetical posts can be fun.

13) Satirical Posts – Well-written satire, parody, or humor can be incredibly powerful. It’s brilliant for generating links. These types of blogs will be misinterpreted and people will react strongly.

14) Memes and Projects – This is an idea that spreads. An “idea virus” as some would describe it. In blogging, this is a topic that gets copied from one blog to another, usually with a link back to the originator. The concept is to write a post that somehow involves my readers and gets them to replicate it in some way. Such as a contest or a competition. These types of posts add an element of interactivity and sometimes go viral through the blogosphere.

So there you have it, a non-exhaustive list of the type of posts you can expect to see throughout my mini network of blogs.

Any questions or feedback?


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