8 Tips On Writing A Successful Blog Series

An effective way to build blog momentum is to write a series of blogs that covers a topic over a period of time. This will give readers a good reason to come back. Here’s how:

1) Pick A Topic – Some topics simply aren’t large enough for a series of posts. So pick a topic that would do multiple posts justice.

2) Make a List – Keep in mind that granular posts is the idea here. After you choose a topic, make a list of all your main points. Use keywords and phrases followed by brief descriptive sentences. This will form the basis for your series.

3) Set Goals – Set goals for the series and establish a time frame. For example, your goal could be to complete the series in 5 days with a total of 6 posts. This helps keep you on schedule.

4) Pick A Title – Choose a title that is catchy. Use keywords for SEO purposes.

5) Create Anticipation – Announce the series with an introductory post.

6) Write An Introduction Post – Announce the topics you’ll cover. Let readers know what to expect.

7) Interlink Your Posts – Join your posts with links. You never know when a new reader might come in. Links will make it easy for new readers to find the full series.

8) Create A Good Ending – Summarize all your main points. Encourage your readers to give feedback. Have a definite ending, otherwise some readers will feel that they’ve been left hanging.

And there you have it…8 great tips! Learning the art of creating a good series can bring a lot of life to a blog.

Now let’s see if I can “put into action” what I just learned.

The End!




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