How To Make Money Buying & Selling Blogs (Part 2)


Everyone will valuate a blog differently. The most common tactics are based on monthly earnings.

Other factors involve AUDIENCE. A blog with a rich, high-targeted, audience that spends a lot, will obviously have more value than a blog full of random people doing research.

A high value blog will consist of high RSS counts, email subscribers, and populated forums. Just the email list alone can be sold.

Research niches to see which ones return higher revenue. People who want to make money are more likely to spend money. So blogs about “making money” will automatically have an audience that add value.

Good CONTENT always adds value. When looking at content, take note of the amount of links and visitors.

Make sure you know where the content is coming from. The last thing you want to do is buy a blog that’s full of stolen, plagiarized, or duplicated material. Do your research.

SEO RANKINGS add value to a blog. But this is tricky. The bottom line is – you want “valuable” search results. These are the search results that actually get a high number of “clicks”. Don’t be fooled by a high ranking search result that rarely gets any “clicks”.

Long term, massive TRAFFIC adds extreme value to any blog. Look for blogs that have tons of traffic throughout the entire blog. Be skeptical of blogs that have limited traffic sources. They could be fake. Do research on who the traffic is and where it’s coming from.

A legit seller will allow you to enter your Google Analytic code. Now you can watch the traffic yourself.

You’re looking for consistent traffic. Be aware of “traffic spikes”. They could be the result of a single mention on a popular site. It that’s the case, most of these people will never visit the site again. Bottom line – When valuating a blog, DO NOT take traffic spikes into consideration.



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