How To Make Money Buying & Selling Blogs (Part 3)



Look for INBOUND LINKS. These links add value to a blog. The more the better. But be aware of fake, or bought links. These add no value to a blog. They are merely deception tactics used by scammers. Search engines favor blogs with deep links pointed at the homepage. These links are varied with sticky text that do well with search engines.

Nothing adds value like PROFIT. If a blog is making profit, chances are it also has other quality attributes. Such as traffic, content, visitors, etc.

Make sure you (the new owner) can continue making a profit. Understand where the profit comes from. Understand the monthly breakdown. Can you grow that profit? Is there other revenue sources? All this contributes to the value of a blog. And chances are, it’s an older blog.

Make sure “profits” aren’t part of a special deal that will be void with a new owner.

Make sure you understand everything. You want a blog with diversified income that’s easy to work with. That alone adds value.

Does the DESIGN look good? If so, that adds value. It doesn’t matter if it’s off-the-shelf or custom made. If an expensive design looks bad, it offers no value. If a free design looks great, it offers value. Simple enough! However, read the small print regarding premium designs. Study the design and the terms. Trickery is everywhere.

DOMAINS can cost millions. But that’s rare. A domain that ends in .com is the best. Period. If a domain is easy to read, snappy, and easy to recall, there’s value there. If a domain has a keyword in it or is a simple dictionary word, it has value. Why? Because “type in” traffic is instant and doesn’t need a ton of promotion.

Buying and selling blogs is a great way to make money. Blogging is huge! There’s huge money out there.

If I wasn’t sitting in prison right now, I’d already be a millionaire. But since I am, it’ll take a little longer.

So what are you waiting for? Get motivated and go get that money!


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