Forty-three years in prison sucks for more reasons than I care to list. But the good news is I’ve realized the power within the mind. No matter what the situation is, life is an attitude.

The man in me now realizes how the boy in me altered my life forever. It now fuels my passion, and that is to do something extraordinary with my time here in prison. I refuse to take my incarceration in vain. I have to make this time work for me, not against me. I know I have what it takes to succeed.

It is my goal to become a millionaire before I get out. My plan is really quite simple. I am building my own publishing company called Stone City Publishing, LLC. I am writing prison literature, self-publishing, and selling my work. My long term goal is to have hundreds of titles by hundreds of inmate authors, all selling worldwide under my network of prison literature.

My goal to earn millions is already a definite plan, and the wheels are in motion. On this blog, I will document every step towards success.

I am not alone on this journey. I have the love & support of my amazing family.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me. I appreciate all your support and encouragement.

Steven Jennings


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  1. Your attitude is inspiring! If you haven’t participated in writing 101 or blogging 101, you should check them out. They are both on wordpress and I think it helped my writing a lot.

    Best of luck to you and may the Lord bless your efforts!

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  2. Oh so awesome for you.maybe then you can give it to your 4 victims……


    • Steve,

      So let’s get this straight: you are trying to belittle a man who has taken great efforts to make right on the bad choices he made. A man who is trying to help others do the same. A man who spends his days trying to enact positive change in an environment that is so negative. I think it is clear who the lesser man is without me saying another word.


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